Our WiOPS Member of the Month for September 2019 is Alexa Rizeq! She works for PCL Construction Services, Inc. and is currently on their Destination Crenshaw project.

After talking with a few of her professors at San Diego State University, she signed up for a class where she toured job sites each week to learn about the different phases of construction. She enjoyed the class so much that she knew she had found her place.

She states that she “enjoys construction because there is always something new to learn, installation to watch, and great people. There are some really good, solid people out there who teach me, support me, and are great friends.”

She shares her interest in construction through her involvement with the ACE Mentor program. She’s participated in the organization for the last four years and is currently a Team Leader.

Alexa loves spending the weekend in Santa Barbara or Malibu, reading, cooking, golfing, and focusing on her health.