Name: Christy Garcia

Company: Dynalectric

Our WiOPS Member of the Month for April 2019 is Christy Garcia. She is a project engineer for Dynalectric and lives in Long Beach, CA.

She recalls being fascinated with buildings and bridges as a young girl. She was encouraged by her counselor to pursue engineering; he shared how it would be great to have more women in the field and that he believed it would be a perfect fit for her. While taking introductory classes in construction management, she quickly knew it was the perfect choice for her. She first started as an intern with Dynalectric while a senior in the Construction Engineering Management Program at California State University, Long Beach.

She spent the last two years as President & Jr. Vice President of the AGC Student Chapter. In her roles with the student chapter she became involved with ACE Mentor Summer Camp for two consecutive years. Post-graduation, Christy has made her transition from Jr. Estimator to Project Engineer. When she reflects on her thoughts of the construction industry she says, “it is truly amazing to see the collaboration that takes place from all trades to complete a project. Although challenging, it is always great seeing the outcome once the project is completed.”  


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