Cristina Klein

by | Nov 29, 2022 | MotM, MotM - SoCal

Cristina is a Project Engineer for ISEC Inc. and has been in the industry for 8 years. Her journey in construction started out by chance and has been an exquisite journey. Cristina studied rockets at school and by luck was introduced into millwork, where she than ended up working her way into metal fabrication. She is now part of the Science & Technology Division, focusing on laboratories within the education and healthcare systems.

One of Cristina’s favorite things about construction is being able to see a blank canvas and making a dream/vision into a reality. She values the ability to freely network and seek mentorship within WiOPS, which gives her the support needed to advance and grow. One of her favorite events was the Speed Mentorship that was hosted by Hensel Phelps, where WiOPS members participated in an interactive-style event engaging with senior leaders throughout the industry.

A skill she is currently developing is how to become a self-aware leader. A random thought or advice is it really isn’t rocket science and one has the power to achieve anything.

Now that summer is over she is going to miss having less traffic in the mornings, since schools are back in session and there are more people on the road. Her favorite part of summer is when schools are on vacation. Congratulations Cristina!