Electrical Workshop

Thank you to Rosendin for hosting the Electrical Workshop at your beautiful offices in Anaheim! Assistant Project Manager Jacqueline Alarcon and her entire team at Rosendin did an amazing time putting on a fantastic evening for all of us to enjoy. We are proud to say that this has been one of the most attended events of the year, with well over than 100 WiOPS members showing up.

After networking over food and drinks, we headed into their training room and heard from National Director of Preconstruction Jerry Jordan as he talked about all that Rosendin has to offer, his career in construction, and how the industry is changing. Rosendin Project Executive Dave Hubert then introduced us to representatives from both Orbit and Hilti, who gave presentations on their electrical assemblies and how different products are used in different scenarios. Dave then led the entire group in wiring receptables, as each member had the chance to get hands-on. In addition, WiOPS held our 2nd Annual Holiday Toy Drive and we are absolutely blown away by the level of support and generosity our members have shown. Thank you for making a difference in both our industry and our community!