This month we recognize Erin Lawless of ISEC, Inc. as WiOPS’ first Member of the Month! Erin has been in the industry for 14 years, all of which have been at ISEC, where she is now a Senior Project Manager.

Some of her favorite aspects of  construction include collaboration, problem solving, and running a project start to finish while dealing with the associated risks and rewards. She enjoys being a part of a team comprised of the general contractor, subcontractors, and her own foreman and installers with one like-minded goal for a successful  project. A native of Long Beach, she currently resides in Bellflower and has 6 children, 4 in-law children, and 5 grandchildren. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time outdoors and is a member of the Long Beach Area Scooter Group.

From Erin, “The accomplishments afforded me in this industry to date have developed my confidence, skill and emotional intelligence to a level that gives me the forward momentum I hope is contagious to those I have worked with, and will have the pleasure of working with in the future.   Working in this competitive, male dominated industry can be a challenge.  I’d like to move through each challenge with confident grace and being a mentor & leader to the women and men I work alongside.  Women will always bring something different and valuable to the table.  How we do that is the key.”