Teri Cruz

Company and Position:
H Square Consulting, Principal/Owner

City you live in:
Castro Valley, CA

Years’ Experience:
22 years in the A/E/C industry. Some of my proudest moments have been the look on students, parents and teachers faces when they walk into their newly constructed school. Knowing the few years we spent planning and building contributes to a lifetime of learning for our future generation of leaders is a rewarding experience.

Other affiliations or hobbies:
A former board member and current member to the CMAA Northern California Chapter. I love camping, golfing (as long as we’re not keeping score), traveling and getting lost in wine country.

Favorite thing about construction:
There is something unique and special about construction. I have stayed in the A|E|C industry for the past 20+ years because I believe what we do truly matters. We get to see communities transformed with new schools, parks and health centers. We get to service homes and businesses with infrastructure that improves the quality of life, as well as have the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with others who complement and sharpen our individual talent. From unforeseen conditions to logistical challenges to ever-evolving technology, the opportunity to problem solve and learn is limitless. Buildings and infrastructure resemble much more to me than dirt, bricks mortar. They resemble creativity, camaraderie and the privilege of helping communities be their absolute best.  

A random thought you’d like to share:
We are living in an incredible time. The industry is thriving and the presence of women in construction is like nothing I have seen. We have a tremendous opportunity to come alongside each other in advocacy, mentorship and friendship. I am thrilled to be a part of organizations such as WiOPS and am excited to further the platform for women in our industry.