Hensel Phelps: Speed Mentorship

by | May 2, 2022 | Past Events - SoCal

Thank you Hensel Phelps!

WiOPS would like to thank Hensel Phelps for hosting last month’s “Speed Mentorship” event! The evening started with a cocktail hour for attendees to check-in, enjoy the taco stand, and grab a drink. The conversations were already electric as attendees were eager to connect with both new and familiar faces. Following cocktail hour attendees gathered in small groups of 2-3, and a senior mentor joined the table to dive deep into their experiences on numerous topics.

First up was “Wisdom” where the senior leaders led the groups on questions centered around advice, what they wished they had done differently, or things they’d like to have known when they were starting their career. The small group discussions went over this topic for 25 minutes and not a minute was wasted! The senior leaders then rotated to a new breakout group, where they then focused on the topic of “Adversity.” For the next 25 minutes the conversations were about tough situations and/or setbacks people had experienced, current challenges people were facing, and times when our personal life has impacted our professional life. This was a hot topic, and WiOPS members were really able to open up and talk about some difficulties they have experienced in their careers and were able to do so in a safe space while being supported and uplifted. The last topic was “Leadership,” and the senior leaders moved to their final breakout group of the evening. The conversations focused on career growth, how to plan a career as opposed to work a job, mistakes that aspiring leaders have made, what traits they think a successful leader may possess, and defining opportunities that they see for themselves in their career. This was a great topic for a final discussion, as they were able to really look at their career paths and try to find people that may be an advocate for them and their career, and how they can best be that person for others.

Thank you, Hensel Phelps, for all the time, energy, and money put forth to put on such an incredible event! The discussions, connections, and networking are extremely valuable, and we’re grateful for your continued support of WiOPS and the women that make up our industry. We’d also like to thank the senior leaders for their guidance in the group discussions and for sharing their wisdom and knowledge with everyone. We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did