IPD/Design Build Framing & Drywall Successes and Challenges Panel with PCI

Thank you to PCI for hosting an engaging and informative session on IPD contracting from the Subcontractors perspective. We received this lovely email feedback on the event from one of our members, Lauline Mitchell – Project Manager, BBI Construction and Pacific Northwest Director for NAWIC.

“I wanted to take a minute and let you know that you guys knocked it out of the park last night with the PCI event. If your goal was to stimulate thoughtful ways to initiate conversation amongst the field, subs, office and owners, educate, and introduce new concepts you achieved it 100%. I loved the stickies exercise, which further cemented the idea of contractual obligations and what is likely the norm for most of us. I also thought that the contract education was extremely useful for the younger women in the crowd and always a good reminder that we should all be mindful of what is called out in our agreements. The architect / subcontractor conversation was the most fruitful for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve suffered through intensely frustrating moments with both the architect and the owner while trying to explain that those details were not there when the bids were placed and there was NO WAY we could’ve guessed what the final plan would look like, and having them expect that we should have understood the intent. I realize I don’t need to tell you what that feels like since I’m positive you’ve experienced it too! However, the architects conversation regarding compensation and timing for DD’s vs. 50%, CD’s, etc. was exceptionally enlightening. Perhaps it was the setting and the relaxed nature of the conversation, but it definitely put me more in their shoes and assisted me with understanding some of their restraints a little more clearly. It was truly a pleasure to attend the event and I wanted to sincerely thank you and the panelists. I apologize for having to leave before closing, but wanted to let you know the presentation was a hit!”

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