Isabel Zuniga

by | Jul 27, 2022 | MotM, MotM - SoCal

We would like to introduce you to Isabel Zuniga. Isabel is a Project Coordinator at Castle Contracting LLC. She casually got into construction without realizing she soon would enjoy working in construction. She started as a receptionist at the main office for a General Contractor, and then she became a Project Administrator with more in-depth responsibilities; this increased her knowledge of the industry. She quickly discovered her favorite thing about construction – meeting different people of various backgrounds, which introduced her to new cultures, traditions, and new ways to approach tasks. She was fascinated by how an idea – envisioned by multiple people – got transferred from drawings to a physical structure. It is admirable that regardless of the obstacles that arise, all the companies are still determined to come together, coordinate, and move forward towards the same goal.

Isabel values the focus and dedication that the WiOPS team has in spreading construction knowledge of multiple trades to those who may not have had that exposure unless they were active field personnel. WiOPS was her first introduction to networking, and this organization has taught her how to approach other members in the industry. Being around other women professionals take off the nervousness. Her first favorite WiOPS event was with Griffith Construction building a bridge back in 2019, and the second one was in March 2022 with Sharpe, Educational & Fine Dining Experience – both educational and informative.

Random fact:  She is currently a student at University of La Verne and working on obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Legal studies with a Minor in Business administration.