Name:  Kim Grant

Company:  Hathaway Dinwiddie

Our WiOPS Member of the Month for January 2019 is Kim Grant, who is currently a Project Executive at Hathaway Dinwiddie. After graduating from USC with a Civil Engineering degree, she went to work in design for a large Design-Builder. When she was sent to work in the field answering RFI’s real-time as the structural steel was being erected…she discovered construction!  It was fast paced, rewarding and tangible. She exclaims “I had no idea such a great job existed!”  She changed companies and worked her way up from Project Engineer to Vice President, Operations Manager.  After 30 years with one firm, she branched out to a large global company and is now back home working with a large local builder, Hathaway Dinwiddie. She happily adds “I have had a fulfilling career.  I still love walking jobs and solving problems.” She notes that “the most important ingredient for personal and team success is real leadership.  It inspires and empowers people.  We learn the technical part of our jobs as we advance in our careers.  Learning leadership and communication skills allow us and others to reach their highest potential.  Developing yourself as a leader takes effort.  It isn’t a destination, but a journey of mentorship, training, reading and watching real leaders in action. And the rewards are limitless.” She carries the value of leadership through her involvement as an Industry Advisor for Cal Poly Pomona and Industry Liaison on the Executive Board of the USC Construction Alumni Group. She’s married with two college-age sons and enjoys outdoor activities, including glamping in their vintage travel trailer, swimming, hiking and reading a good book by the campfire.

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