Kasey Felix-Peoples

by | Jan 10, 2022 | MotM, MotM - SoCal

Congratulations Kasey Felix-Peoples for being nominated as January’s WiOPS Member of the Month!
Kasey works at Final Cleaning Solutions, Inc. as a Billing Assistant & Notary Public. She previously worked in retail and Starbucks, but decided to take a chance and get into construction. Her favorite thing about construction is visiting the sites before it opens to the public. What surprised her the most about working in construction are “the DELAYSSSS”.
Kasey values WiOPS because of the relationships she makes and the opportunities she can create for her company through networking. One of the best gifts she’s received is appreciation; she finds it comforting when she feels appreciated for the work she does.
This new year, she wants to take more pictures. She says, “I love when my photo apps notify me with “on this day, 5 years ago” and I get to experience/remember the experience again.”
A quote she shared – “You cannot control anything or anyone besides yourself. Don’t strain or struggle trying to change things out of your control.”
What a great quote to live by! Thanks Kasey!