Meet our August’s Member of the Month, Kasha Burlington-Green! Kasha is a Sales Executive at Architectural Design & Signs, Inc. and has been there for 3 years.  She has a passion for sales, and she found an opportunity with AD/S when moving to California. Kasha’s favorite thing about construction is being able to work with a large diverse industry, which allows hers to grow and learn daily.

At WiOPS monthly events, Kasha values the networking, development of leadership skills, and bonding opportunities with new people. WiOPS events are always different, but the events always offer knowledge about various industries and how they relate with each other in the construction world.  Kasha’s favorite WiOPS event is the event that was hosted by AD/S. She hosted this event with her business partner, Brittney Lawton.  They were able to showcase all the departments that work within their facility and the craftmanship that goes into each custom fabricated sign. Kasha and Brittney were able to show everyone where they get their daily drive and motivation.

A skill Kasha is currently developing and improving is “Public Speaking”. She is working towards effectively speaking in front of large crowds like conferences and school events. She wants to be able to help motivate the youth while also sharing her leadership skills within the industry and strive for greatness.

Every summer, Kasha has a lot to look forward to – she works with her husband, Brandon, on their non-profit organization called “Just Cruzin’ Productions”. One of their big events is “The Classic” at Pismo Beach, where they raise money for K9 Departments, CHOC, and Folds of Honor, just to name a few.

Random note / Fun Fact– “Always remember that you have the power to dream, design, and build beautiful things!”

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Kasha Burlington-Green