Lori Reyes

by | Oct 5, 2020 | MotM, MotM - SoCal

Our October Member of the Month is Lori Reyes! Lori is a Construction Project Administrator at Goldrich+Kest, a real estate development and construction firm with a portfolio of more than 160 properties. Her position allows her to work on a variety of projects at a time during different phases of the projects. She finds that each project is unique, and can’t choose just one to be her favorite. She enjoys working on historical properties which teach her the history behind the building and the areas. She also finds the newer builds to be “fascinating to watch a concept take shape and become a residential property, mixed use, or senior housing, or a marina.”

Lori fell into her career in the construction field, but she was always intrigued by how things came together. Growing up she would be looking over her Navy Electrician Father’s shoulder whenever he was working on projects around the house and when she was fresh out of high school she started working for a contractor’s license school. While working she would ask the different trades all sorts of questions like how do they build a structure, and what was the curing time for concrete. After he time gleaning information off the students she decided to go back to school herself for a Construction Management Degree. After graduating she worked in disciplines, growing her wealth of knowledge with each change. “I started in this industry before there were many women working in construction, let alone in the field.” Now a days she sees so many woman working in construction in all different roles. She feels lucky to have had her mentors who helped her along the way and encourages everyone to find a mentor or join a group such as WiOPs.

Outside of the office Lori is an equestrian, she is currently riding on a Gypsy Vaneer horse. She is affiliated with her local Sheriff’s office as a volunteer on their mounted posse. She is eagerly waiting for her dog to have her new litter and in the meantime training her to be a bird dog. Please reach out to Lori and congratulate her for being this month’s Member of the Month!