Thank you Pacific Wall Systems, Inc.!

WiOPS would like to thank Pacific Wall Systems, Inc. (PWS) for hosting “Headshots + Happy Hour” as our May 2022 event! This social event provided attendees with opportunities to network with other construction industry professionals in an organic setting while enjoying the incredible beer, seltzer, and food at Brewery X. In addition to the networking aspect, PWS provided a headshot station where attendees could have a professional headshot taken. There were mirrors, brushes, make-up wipes, and floss for last minute touch-ups, and all attendees could text or email their headshots to themselves immediately after having them taken!

WiOPS members were asked to bring business cards, which were collected at the registration table as people checked in. As the 90+ attendees left, they were given a Pacific Wall Systems , Inc. pint glass that contained the redistributed business cards from the beginning of the event. Attendees were all encouraged to contact the people on the business cards they received to introduce themselves and continue networking not only at WiOPS events, but throughout the month as well.

Thank you for spending your evening with WiOPS and PWS, and for being active participants at our events. We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did!