Silicon Valley Campus Tour with R&S 

We had a great turnout for the jobsite tour with Rudolph and Sletten. Thanks so much to Kelli and Dianna for the support they have given to the WiOPS Organization and the rest of the R&S team for making event happen!

The implementation of sustainability elements on this project are next level. We learned a lot during the tour of this 643,000-square-foot expanded and updated 32-acre mass timber Campus in Mountain View.

As California continues to face increasing demand for limited water, this high tech company saw an opportunity for their Silicon Valley campus to be their showcase regional project complete with innovative strategies. Designing to the area’s water budget, including efficient systems and fixtures, harvesting rainwater, assisting in the infiltration of storm water, and installing an onsite wastewater treatment plant—all help to meet the ambitious Net Zero Water Petal requirements under the Living Building Challenge. A 4-acre living roof will reintroduce native ecology to the campus, promoting species diversification in the area adjacent to the Stevens Creek habitat. Thermal energy storage (TES) tanks—that acts like a battery pack for the building’s cooling system—combined with integrated photovoltaic roofing panels will off-set some of the campus’ annual energy usage. The design also uses sustainable sourced Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and exposed structural elements throughout the campus, thereby reducing the materials needed to complete construction.

All these and more integrated initiatives will also help the campus reach LEED Platinum certification and includes numerous sustainable systems. Inside, the campus puts employees first with modern work spaces to promote collaboration and productivity, while the neighborhood and courtyard concept make it easy for employees to move from outdoor to indoor spaces. Employees will have access to natural light through a glass exterior from anywhere on campus. The renovated dining facilities will provide healthy meal options as part of the high tech company’s commitment to the WELL Building standard.