Please join us in thanking Vulcan Materials Company for hosting our Grow With Us” event at their Irwindale Quarry!

Upon arrival, WiOPS members were treated to Vulcan Materials Company swag items and giveaways at the event check-in. We then signed up for tours of their active mine, and made our way over to the food! There was a taco set-up with incredible options for all! While we ate, people got to stand up on the look-out of the quarry and see down into the active mine. We also got to see one of their loaders up close take some fun photos with it. This was the perfect time for attendees to see both new and familiar faces, and mingle with other WiOPS members.

Our WiOPS SoCal Board of Directors then kicked off introductions and thanked Vulcan Materials Company for their generosity in hosting such a fun and informative event for us. We then got to hear from some of the ladies of Vulcan, learn more about their company, get familiarized with construction aggregate, and have some insider knowledge as to the behind-the-scenes processes of an active mine.

Mine tours started, and we loaded up into the buses to make our way down into the mine. While it may not have seemed as large from the look-out up above, once we were down inside the mine we could get a more accurate feel as to the sheer size and capacity of the mine. We saw how the operations all come together: from the conveyor systems to the path-of-travel to the aggregate piles to the loading system. Our tour guides work at the mine and provided us with valuable insight as to the operations of the mine.

After the tours were complete, we got to assemble our very own terrariums to take home, that were made from aggregate material that Vulcan had sourced. We wrapped up the evening with some additional networking and some Q&As from the Vulcan team, while also hearing from our members about how much the enjoyed this event. Thank you again to Vulcan Materials Company for such an incredible evening for WiOPS and our members!