Our WiOPS Member of the Month for August 2019 is Alana Bianes. After attending UCLA which had a heavy focus on theory, she was intrigued by the ability to apply systems engineering and what she learned through large scale applications in commercial construction. She now works at ACCO Engineered Systems. In her previous role as an HVAC Design Engineer, she worked on long term projects such as the Inglewood Stadium and Frank Gehry’s Grand Avenue in DTLA. In her new role as BIM Technology Project Lead, her team is involved in company-wide tech development, standards, and training for engineering software and workflows. Upon reflecting on her thoughts about the construction industry she notes “I am continually blown away by how many individuals and the level of coordination it takes to get a building from design concept to startup.  ”She adds“ when I talk to someone new in the industry, it seems like everyone carves out their own niche in their trade and feels fulfilled by the opportunity to take personal ownership of their work. Finding how you can make an impact within the construction industry can be difficult because of the massive scale of most projects. However, by taking the time to learn from others outside of your trade and always seeking out new learning opportunities, you will always be redefining what you are passionate about. Channeling those passions into your day-to-day work will absolutely make a difference at your company.” Alana’s hobbies include bouldering, salsa dancing, singing, and home brewing.