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What We Do

WiOPS Aims to Focus On Mentoring the Future Women Leaders In the Industry's Finest Construction Organizations.

Each event provides members with industry resources, continuing education and an open environment that stimulates growth and advancement.

WiOPS Members Include:

  • Superintendents
  • Project Engineers
  • Executives
  • Architects & Engineers
  • College Students / Interns
  • Project Managers
  • Skilled Craft
  • And More...

Regional Networking Events

At WiOPS events, you can share experiences with other women in leadership positions and learn from those who have been in your shoes before. It’s a lot about learning through shared experiences and gaining new technical and social skills to keep relevant in the workplace.

A Focus on Mentorship Opportunities

It isn’t all that common that we have the opportunity to interact with many other construction colleagues that are female. WiOPS does a tremendous job of providing a platform for women to get together in an organic setting.

Leading Industry Education Resources

WiOPS has helped propel the discussion about diversity and inclusion in many of our member’s workplaces, and is bringing value to our membership and the companies they work within by providing training and mentorship for females to help them and their companies achieve success.

Our Members Represent Leading Companies

#1 Voice for Women in All Trades

What Our Current Members Have To Say

As a WiOPS sponsor and event host, Pacific Wall Systems has had the opportunity to highlight the work that we do, showcase some of our interesting projects, and teach others about our trade, which has helped get our name out there to members and clients.

Leah Wimberly
Pacific Wall Systems
Project Manager and Estimator

Regardless of the current trend in all industries to address diversity and inclusion, construction remains a male dominated industry with the diversity of people slow to change. An organization like WiOPS helps with the conversation, guides women on how to be the diverse talent, lets them know they are not alone and there are others who share their same experiences.

Photo of Holly Cindell
Holly Cindell
Consults on Construction

As a generalization, women are not wired quite the same as their male counterparts and were not generally raised to think our future would be at the helm of a construction or engineering firm. Organizations like WiOPS help even the playing field.

Photo of Melissa Berg
Melissa Berg
Dome Construction
Director of Inclusion, Culture, and Engagement

I heard about WiOPS from a podcast called “The Construction Career Podcast,” when one of the episodes featured the President Shaabini Alford. In the interview, she introduced WiOPS and mentioned how she helped found the organization. She also discussed the challenges she faced as a woman in construction, and how she overcame them. I was very curious and decided to join the next even to know more.

I attended several events and was able to meet a lot of incredible professionals, including both women and men. They shared their experiences and points of views generously and openly. My favorite event was “Women in Construction: Decades of Success,” which featured panelists sharing their experiences and observations over the decades. They mentioned the diverse role that women in construction play has ensured the progress and long-term development of the industry, and that they have made an enormous contribution. I was very inspired, and am proud to be one of these women in construction.

Kali Kong
Troyer Contracting Company
Roofing Estimator
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