The honor of the final WiOPS Member of the Month for 2019 goes to Claudia Thompson. She’s the President and Founder of D 3 Construction Services.

Claudia grew up the daughter of a union carpenter and loved building from a young age. She got to work with him on her first internship with LendLease. She recalls that her dad made every moment a teachable moment; including their commute to and from work when he would quiz her on the equipment and construction methods being used on passing roadwork projects. After college she worked as an estimator, procurement agent, and Project Manager before starting her own company, D 3 Construction Services.

She’s an active member of ASPE (American Society of Professional Estimators), WCC (Women in Construction Coalition), and NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction).

Claudia considers construction to be “amazing.” She says “I’m so proud to be helping builder’s build as a general requirements subcontractor. And even more blessed to be working in the industry today, where I am reaping the benefits of the female trail blazers who came before me. And I look forward to all the work still left to be done to set the stage for my daughters and sons.” When she’s not busy with work, she enjoys bowling and “raising 4 little people.”