Our WiOPS Member of the Month for December 2018 is Karina Eshilian. She works at Performance Contracting, Inc. She finds the construction industry interesting because no two days are ever alike.  There is constant evolution and with that comes natural growth and learning opportunities. She adds “I’ve always been fascinated with construction and the way it touches every aspect of art and commerce.  It involves creativity (my favorite part), technology, mechanics, sales, finance, business relationship building, accounting, risk mitigation, and management.  I am always crossing paths with different roles in our industry and it’s amazing to see the involvement and necessity of the whole team to come together. We truly need one another!” She also expressed that “it’s a pivotal time to be a woman in the construction industry!  Although there is still progress to be made, it’s been gratifying to have seen our male-dominated construction industry make promising developments for us women in recent years.  I am excited that the ranks and roles of women in the industry are increasing, along with awareness of our importance to the success of our businesses, that we are more supported and respected, and provided further growth opportunities.” Outside of work, she enjoys repurposing furniture, HIIT workouts, camping with family and baking with her two kids (Ben, age 4 and Michelle, age 3).