Deepti Bhadkamkar

by | Dec 21, 2021 | MotM, MotM - NorCal

Deepti lives in Foster City and is an Program Manager for Design, Engineering and Construction for Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook.) She has been in the construction industry for 15 years.

When asked how she got into the construction industry she replied “Since high school I was always fascinated with how structures just get built on a piece of land that adds such a great character to the place and impacts so many things, especially the people, that drove me to do Engineering and Construction Management.”

Her favorite thing about construction is everything about it but her most favorite are the people she gets to work with as they bring different perspectives, diverse experiences and knowledge that help her learn new things every day! She also enjoys the process of envisioning what they are building as a team, designing it, constructing and then walking into the same building after a few years – she is like a kid in a candy store!

Deepti really enjoys hiking and just being outdoors with her family, and through COVID got to revive her painting hobby. She is also honored to serve as an Associate Board member of the Girls on the Run Bay Area chapter.

She feels inspired by those people in this industry who have demonstrated open mindedness and are willing to adapt to new ideas without holding to their own biases.

She is looking forward to some downtime during the holidays!