​Congratulations to Heather Powen on being our April 2020 Member of the Month! Heather is the Director of Marketing and Community Relations for Martin Bros. Her position gives her the opportunity to work with the LAUSD on an internship program for their high school students. “It is very fulfilling to give these students an opportunity for real life experience and help to shape them into the generation of leaders within our industry.” She also dedicates her time to volunteer with the students at Venice High School through ACE and is on the Advisory Board for West Adams High School. She gets excited to come into work knowing she can keep pushing boundaries. She discovered that was the Martin Bros. way when she worked on her first and to this day still her favorite project, the Pug G Headquarters. The team used cutting edge technology to find the right solutions for their clients.

At a young age Heather had a passion for building forts and tree houses, which made her confident that she wanted a profession in the construction industry. As she watched communities being built around her she felt at home. “The construction industry allows all walks of life to come together to create a sense of community.” She is relieved to work in an industry that has so much promise and hopes we only continue to grow stronger.

When asked about future WiOPS events and activities, Heather told us she would love to see an obstacle course or a hike for some team building. Great idea, Heather!