Name:  Jacqueline N. Reed

Company and Position:  Purchasing Manager at Clark Construction.

Our WiOPS Member of the Month for June 2018 is Jacqueline N. Reed, who works at Clark Construction. She grew up in Hawaii, where her father was a contractor. She recalls admiring the progression of a project, which led to her decision to study Civil Engineering at UC Irvine. For the first 6 years of her career she was in the field running work with multiple crews to complete projects. Now she’s in a Purchasing Manager position where she collaborates with multiple project teams and subcontractors. Her experiences in construction have only nurtured the original interest. She notes that there’s always something new. Every project is different and you are always working in a team. The most difficult part of construction is finding your own work-life balance. She stays busy outside of work with spin classes, hiking, brunching and circuit training.