Congratulations to our July 2020 NorCal WiOPS Member of the Month, Kendra Sutherland! Kendra is a Project Engineer with Skyline Construction. 

She is a Bay Area native born and raised in San Francisco, currently residing in Oakland.  Kendra is an 11-year industry professional with a background in landscape construction holding a degree in Landscape Architecture from Merritt College and is a LEED Accredited Professional ID+C.  She has been with Skyline Construction for approximately 2 years focusing on commercial interior construction.   She made the leap from landscaping to commercial building in search for an opportunity to hone her management skills, experience the general contractor side and expand her knowledge of innovative building practices.    Kendra has always had a strong desire to work outside which led her initially into the landscape industry.  Her interest in sustainability within the built environment and the mindset of think globally, act locally continues to drive her.  She looks to architects such as Chad Oppenheim or The Green School in Bali, Indonesian for inspiration.  Additionally, she is awe inspired by the human touch that goes into building our society & the built environment.  This is one of her favorite parts of her job – being able to work with her team to accomplish a final product with the understanding of the hard work, labor, and contributions of individuals that are required to build the world around us.

Congrats again Kendra on being the WiOPS NorCal chapter’s July Member of the Month!!