Name:  Tan Warren

Company and Position:  CallisonRTKL, Associate Vice President of Business Development, West Coast

Our WiOPS NorCal May Member of the Month is Tan Warren. She has been in the construction industry for over 13 years working in healthcare A/E/C from Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA. Tan currently resides in Pasadena, CA. Outside of her work, Tan is a member American Asian Architects & Engineers of SoCal, and enjoys reading, traveling, golf, trying out new places to eat, wine tasting and of course shopping. We asked Tan her favorite thing about construction… she said, “The complexity of how things fit together. I like seeing the raw insides of a building and imagining what it will look like finished.”

A random thought Tan shared:

I was a tomboy and a very odd little girl in that I liked books over dolls, riding bikes over dresses. I could entertain myself for hours looking at maps! I never let anyone’s opinion of me keep me from doing what I wanted to do or needed to do no matter the consequences. When you’re young the consequences aren’t life-altering. But as a grown-up, I do consider my options carefully, yet I still do many things on my own terms if I believe it is the right thing to do. I still march to my own drum.

I still carry her in me. I draw upon the strength of her fierce determination, wild heart and carefree spirit in everything I do.