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Meng Lan Siew

All Members of the Month
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Meng Lan Siew
Senior Staff Program Manager
Plenty Unlimited, Inc.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Years of Experience


Be yourself and be honest with yourself. If you do not know the answer or make a mistake, acknowledging it is not a sign of weakness; you will learn from the experience.

What do you do?
I am a program manager leading and collaborating with cross-functional teams on end-to-end development of programs, from site selection, design conceptualization to operations handoff for the entire development cycle of indoor vertical farms.

Why did you join WiOPS?

I joined WiOps to meet other amazing women in the industry and to learn from each other. I find the monthly topics are curated with care, relevance, and thoughtfulness.

How did you get involved/started in construction/your role?

I came into construction project and program management by happenstance. I started my career as a design engineer working on water and wastewater treatment plants design which comprised of hydraulic modeling, analysis, process/mechanical design from conceptualization all the way to start-up including pilot plants, improvement, expansion and retrofits. After spending many years doodling on paper, and building a strong technical background, I wanted to see paper dreams become reality, and segue into PM / PgM in MEP retrofits and new builds starting in healthcare then data centers and now indoor vertical farming spaces.

What is your favorite thing about construction?

Being part of the whole process starting from concept to design and whether it’s clearing the land on a greenfield for a new build or the transformation of an existing building in a retrofit, to the final steps of handover to operations – it is quite remarkable to see a project come to life from an idea to reality.

What is the best part of your job?

To be part of a team spanning from engineers all the way to operations and being able to take a concept, engage with teammates to problem solve any challenges with design solutions and then see it being implemented.

What advice would you give a young woman entering the industry?

Never let anyone say to you that you can’t do anything or be afraid to try something new. Trying something new can be very uncomfortable and if you don’t like it, at least you said you tried your best. If I listened to my 8th grade teacher who said I couldn’t do math and science (I had poor marks in 8th and 9th grade), I would not be an engineer today.

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Senior Staff Program Manager
Plenty Unlimited, Inc.
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