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Maggie Frazier

All Members of the Month
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Maggie Frazier
Assistant Project Manager


Garden Grove

Years of Experience


Learning to manage different personalities and figuring out how to build long lasting working relationships in a tough environment was a big learning curve for her.

Congratulations to Maggie for being selected as our January 2024 Member of the Month! Maggie is currently an Assistant Project Manager at Bernards and has worked in the industry for 11 years.

Maggie was introduced to construction by being active in construction mission trips while growing up and was introduced to Purdue and their program called “First Year Engineering.” She loved what the program offered with a mix of Construction Engineering and Management. Maggie had a great experience during these years and received a good mixture of Construction Management and Civil Engineering which led to three internships before graduating.  During her last internship, she worked for Bernards in LA and was able to get hired on full time with Bernards.

Maggie’s favorite part of construction is that each day is a new challenge and a new learning opportunity. She was surprised what an impact relationships have in the industry.

The thing that she values the most about WiOPS is the opportunity to meet with hard-working like-minded women who are all making an impact on the industry. Maggie’s favorite WiOPS event is Bernards Annual Golf Event that she also volunteers in every year.

A skill Maggie is currently working on is being more vocal and speaking up at the right time.

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Assistant Project Manager
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