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Meghan McCullough

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Meghan McCullough
Project Executive
Martin Bros.



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If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one - as Dolly Parton wisely said. This mindset can lead to exciting new paths and unexpected successes. Keep exploring, learning, and paving the way to your own unique and fulfilling career.

Join us in congratulating the May 2024 Member of the Month, Meghan McCullough. She is a Project Executive for the acoustical division at Martin Bros. While studying Criminal Justice and feeling apprehensive about pursuing a career in law enforcement, her aunt suggested she temporarily assist in the accounting department at Martin Bros. Eager to explore, she volunteered for extra tasks to understand Martin Bros.’ operations. This led her to delve into projects and learn how to interpret drawings.

Her favorite thing about construction is that there is so much to learn, and that the opportunities to pivot into another specialty are endless! She shares “I have recently joined the acoustical team here after many years of framing and drywall. I’m excited to dive into this new role and expand my knowledge in the field. I look forward to acquiring new skills, working with a diverse group of colleagues, and contributing my expertise to the team. Each day brings a chance to learn something new and I am eager to make the most of this exciting chapter in my career journey.”

She is an active member of WiOPS SoCal. She says that “WiOPS has provided an incredible journey of over a decade, filled with inspiration and growth. Witnessing the dedication and passion of individuals making a difference in their respective fields has been truly enlightening. By coming together at these events, we not only celebrate achievements but also foster a community of support and encouragement. It is through these connections that we can create a foundation for the next wave of innovators and creators.”

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Project Executive
Martin Bros.
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