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Nichole Schwarz

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Nichole Schwarz
Standard Drywall


Newark, CA

Years of Experience


“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” – Albert Einstein

I do my best to seek out diverse perspectives, critically evaluate information, and remain open to the possibility that my initial beliefs might need adjustment based on new evidence.

What advice would you give a young woman entering the industry?

There is a generation of people before us who hold a wealth of knowledge. Be humble, respectful, and sincerely interested in learning from them. You will likely have a beneficial skill set that varies from theirs– barter your skill sets in return for their industry wisdom, as the information gained from a source expert in our field is seldom found in books.

Always be a student of your craft– the industry is evolving, evolve with it.

Ask for feedback from clients, peers, and management. It lets people know you genuinely care and gives you the opportunity to pivot if needed.


What is your favorite thing about construction?

Preconstruction– I LOVE the details!

“Is there contradicting information between documents?”, “what details are relevant–which can be omitted?”, “can we simplify framing configurations?”, “are the desired STC’s in alignment with what’s relayed in the drawings?”, “is there something missing that will be required per code?”, etc.

I enjoy understanding what the end user is really trying to achieve so we can use our expertise to attain it in the most practical, cost-effective way.

The best part is knowing that by identifying potential issues or scope gaps in the contract documents upfront, all parties involved have a more seamless experience during the build.


Do you have a personal or professional guiding principle that guides you?

To have Integrity in everything I do– pure intentions always prevail.


How did you get involved/started in construction/your role?

I was introduced to the construction industry by happenstance. However, in retrospect I feel I was always meant for this career path. As a little girl I would take apart our playroom VCR, just to put it back together for fun. I was also enamored by building Lego fortresses that had operational elevator hoistways or creative paths of travel.

I began my professional journey as project administrator and have since held the positions of project engineer, project manager, and currently, I serve as an estimator.


What do you see as the biggest value in being a member of WiOPS?

The biggest value to me is the opportunity for professional development through events, workshops, and networking. Being a member helps me stay updated on industry trends, gain insights on best practices, and facilitate connections with industry professionals I might not have encountered otherwise.

Other affiliations or hobbies:

I serve on the board of The National Association of Women in Construction, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.

In my free time, I love spending time with my family and two pups. Beyond construction, interior design and real estate are my other two passions.


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