Join us in congratulating Kendall Kilmer on being selected as our February 2023 Member of the Month! Kendall currently works at Fulcrum and has been there for two years. While she didn’t expect this to be her career path (she has a background in hospitality!), she found herself wanting more from her career and wanted to find something new and rewarding. She took construction management courses and applied to several different companies, and the rest is history! Kendall’s favorite thing about construction is seeing a project through the early phases from when the loan closes all the way through project completion. She finds it very rewarding to be a part of so many different teams knowing that she brought value to the project.

When asked about her favorite WiOPS event she thought of “Speed Mentorship” in 2022, where members were able to ask questions to mentors and industry leaders about a variety of topics. Something that Kendall values about WiOPS is being able to meet someone new that comes from the same industry, but plays a different role. There are so many pieces involved in construction and WiOPS provides her with the opportunity to meet others that she may not have met in her normal day-to-day. She has developed personal relationships with a few fellow members through these events, as well.

Kendall is currently developing her construction costing and plan review skills. She recommends listening to the “Construction Management Podcast” on Spotify as she finds it easy to follow, relatable, and funny thanks to their engaging hosts!

She is also a very active WiOPS member and we love seeing her at our monthly events. Thank you, Kendall, for being such an active and engaging participant, and congratulations on being our February 2023 Member of the Month!