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FMI Leadership Training Success!

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February 16, 2024

WiOPS Southern California hosted our first-ever FMI Leadership Training for 30 of our members. “Are You A Self-Aware Leader?” was an interactive four-hour course specifically tailored to WiOPS members by FMI Consulting and focused on developing individuals’ leadership skills and styles. Attendees were treated to breakfast prior to kicking off the session, and ended with lunch while networking, comparing notes, and discussing key takeaways regarding their specific leadership skills and how they’ll apply them to their careers. We’d like to thank Western Wall and Ceiling Contractors Association for generously hosting us in their training room, and Pacific Wall Systems, Inc. for sponsoring both the breakfast and lunch for all attendees.

With “Education” being one of the main pillars of WiOPS, we were thrilled to be able to provide this opportunity to our membership and give them both invaluable knowledge and tools that they can use to help grow in their leadership abilities. Some of the topics we worked on:
-Leadership vs. Management: Understanding worldview and why leading is so different from managing
-FMI’s Peak Leader Model: Understand the three critical elements of arriving at peak leader performance
-The importance of knowing people deeply
-ProScan Personality Profiles: Strengthen the way you work and become more self-aware by seeing how your specific assessment results can be used to cultivate your leadership style

We’ve received great feedback from attendees and are thrilled to hear it was an invaluable experience. Some quotes regarding the event:
“This was a wonderful introductory seminar to peak interest into more learning and what is available to better oneself and one’s career. I can’t wait to digest my report this weekend and see what areas I can start to improve on next.”
“This was an incredible program, and I’m so glad I got to participate in this training. The topics were hugely beneficial and I will use them in my career and take them back to my company, but my favorite part was probably the presenter. He was able to keep the whole room engaged, while relating to individuals and using relevant examples.”

We’d like to thank all those that attended for taking the time to spend their day with WiOPS working on bettering themselves and furthering their careers, and we’d also like to thank our WiOPS supporters for their continued commitment to both our organization and to women in construction everywhere. We are grateful for everyone that makes WiOPS Southern California all that it is!

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