Our November 2018 Member of the Month is Pam Pancoast! She is a Senior Project Manager/Estimator at Martin Bros. Her path in the construction industry began when she was an office administrator and then switched into accounting. In 2005 she became the first woman to be offered a position in estimating, and this month she celebrates her 30th anniversary with Martin Bros. Her favorite thing about construction is being a part of a team that builds something tangible.  She says “I’m proud of my projects and it’s always exciting to go somewhere and know I was part of the final product.  The most difficult thing for me early on was my confidence because I had never worked in the field and felt insecure about my field knowledge.” She enjoys being a part of WiOPS and says she’s so happy to see more and more women get involved in the construction industry.  She adds “over the (many) years, I have seen such dramatic changes to the business of construction and I think women offer excellent skills that complement the direction the industry is going.” When not at work, she likes to “play” and enjoys bowling, golfing, horseback riding, bicycle riding, and hiking. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with my family and friends.