Shannon Saliba

by | Mar 25, 2022 | MotM, MotM - NorCal

Shannon Saliba works at McGuire and Hester as a Project Engineer. She has been in the construction industry for 4 years and lives in San Francisco California. Growing up, Shannon worked in her dad’s office as a receptionist for his diamond tools sales company. She always enjoyed the people she interacted with and knew she wanted to be in the construction industry. Shannon went to school for Landscape Architecture, but quickly learned she needed to do more than just design. She wanted to see projects built and know how the puzzle pieces fit. Shannon’s favorite thing about construction is working as a team, finding solutions with others and building something beautiful for all to enjoy. Outside of work, Shannon is currently working on her Landscape Architecture license and is also part of an indoor soccer and kickball league. She also enjoys long walks in San Francisco, visiting farmers markets, cooling and rooting for the Chargers!

Working for a subcontractor who self-performs most of our contract work, Shannon has been able to learn a lot from her crews. She is outside 6+ hours a day working alongside the crews to plan, organize, and build projects to the best of their ability. Working alongside these men and (growing in numbers) women, she sees how hard they work to create our communities for us to enjoy and often don’t receive credit. This is a strenuous profession with crazy commute hours, but they all still keep great attitudes and aren’t afraid to take life too seriously and sometimes just laugh. They have taught Shannon so much about the profession itself and how things are built, but they also have taught her how to enjoy what you do. She feels truly grateful to work alongside this workforce.

Last random thought she would like to share is, do you refrigerate your maple syrup? Yes or No?