Join us in congratulating Valeria Angel for being selected as our January 2023 Member of the Month! Valeria is an Office Engineer at Hensel Phelps, where she has worked for the last 5 years. She owes it to her father (who has been in the industry for over 33 years) for introducing her to the construction industry without realizing that this would end up being her career path, as well.

Her original path started with her graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, which is when she started to prepare to take the Dental Admissions Test. During this time, she was looking for a summer job and got the opportunity to work as a jobsite administrator with Hensel Phelps. During this time, she became interested in Construction Management and decided to make a career switch. She received a Certificate in Construction Management with an emphasis in Civil & Environmental Engineering at UCLA Extension Program. The rest is history – she moved from jobsite administrator to a field engineer, then worked her way to becoming an office engineer.

When asked about WiOPS, she told us that she values how the events constantly invigorate her and remind her how essential women are to this industry. Her favorite WiOPS event was the Lamp-Building Workshop that was sponsored by Rosendin, where all attendees got to build, wire, and take home their very own lamp. The experience served as a reminder that building is not as easy as it looks, and one needs to appreciate and praise the hard-working hands that allow our buildings to come to life.

Valeria is currently working on developing her public speaking skills, and is taking advantage of being part of Hensel Phelps’ Internal Women’s Network. It was helped her plan a committee for the WiOPS Speed Mentorship event. These opportunities put her outside of her comfort zone and contribute to her success.

She enjoys art books, and calls herself more of an artist at heart as she enjoys making holiday decorations, books about art techniques, and more.

Congratulations, Valeria!